Functional Financial Socialism. 

That’s what Jim Sinclair of JSMineset says the financial talking heads spread on TV.  Others call it uninformed BS.  I call it nonsense meant to mislead us, to keep true value hidden from the reaches of our minds, so we buy the slop they feed us, with nobody knowing the difference otherwise.  Besides, it’s all they give us.  Financial slop.

None of the Functional Financial Socialists are talking about a Jubilee.  Some of them sort of mention debt forgiveness out of the sides of their mouths, a sort of accidental afterthought, something that can be manipulated from the fringe.  Forgiveness of one’s financial responsibilities sounds like a good idea, but it will personally touch very few of us in reality.  It will go to those who wage the greatest debt; central banks, financial institutions, state and federal pensions.  It always does, in one form or another.  Bailouts, bail-ins, Jubilees.

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