“Gold is money.” 

The two precious metals and financial experts Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter urge Greg Hunter to urge his listeners to, “Be your own central bank and stack silver and gold.”

Holter tells USAWatchdog.com that the time for redemption is quickly approaching for those who sell precious metals stocks versus precious metals.  And ounces of real silver are about to make a move in the marketplace.  “Once there is a failure to deliver then you will see a normalization of the gold to silver ratio,” Holter says.  Which now is over 90 to one. 

“It comes out of the ground at 10 to one.  Man discounted it to 16 to one because of weight, for many, many, many years.  Hundreds of years,” Holter says.  “So when there is a failure to deliver silver is going to outperform gold.  That 90 to one ratio is going to collapse, and silver will vastly outperform gold.”

All of the precious metals experts and financial advisers I’ve spoken with agree that it’s good to invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, as an integral part of all investment portfolios.


Both Sinclair and Holter call silver and what’s about to happen to the forsaken metal with the changes to the financial market that are taking place as “Gold on Steroids”.

However, this discussion is all well and fine so long as the present U.S. dollar based system stays up.  “Because the entire system is credit based, and credit is the problem, once the credit markets break so will distribution,” Holter says.  “So will production.  So goods, foods etcetera being produced and being shipped to market – a lot of real goods are not even going to make it to market.”

So we’re talking about a real global problem here.  “This is not about getting your capital out of the system,” Holter says.  “People are going to need to eat.”


It is indeed about failed globalization, says Jim Sinclair to Greg Hunter. “And the mistake we made about globalizing is the web of over the counter derivatives.”

Holter agrees with his partner that the central bank created and manipulated global derivatives market is at the center of the failing of our bank system.  So when debt market blows sky high what will be the affect? 

It’s not the production of goods that’s going to be severely hampered.  When the credit fails it’s all going to be about distribution. 

Holter, Hunter, and Sinclair agree that the problem is going to be that distribution is going to come to a standstill.  “That’s what’s always happened,” Sinclair adds. 

The gold expert likens the situation that much of the world is facing to what’s going on right now in Venezuela.  A country whose currency has blown up creating a severe shortage of enough money to be able to buy bread, gas, medicine, or essentially everything one needs to keep his family alive. 

“You think there’s any toilet paper in Venezuela?” Sinclair asks.  “There’s plenty of toilet paper all around Venezuela.  But it can’t get in, and it doesn’t want to get in.  And if it gets in, who pays the shipping?  And how much do you pay every hour when the currency changes (value)?”


Greg Hunter wastes no time bringing it all to a head in this interview with the two precious metals and finance experts.  “What’s Trump going to do?” he asks.

It’s simple, says Bill Holter.  Our President is going to preside over a bankruptcy.  That’s what we elected him for.  That’s what many experts predicted the President would do.  “Preside over the bankruptcy of the United States,” Holter says.

Trump is a master at that, responds his partner.  We’re talking about getting back to basics, which doesn’t necessarily call for a high financial IQ.  We’re talking about debt forgiveness.  “What you do is you maintain the item which is a producing asset,” Sinclair says.  “And you add a Jubilee.  Or otherwise get rid of debt that has failed.”  And basically you go through with a nuclear flamethrower and disappear anything that shows no growth. 

As for what we the People with families should do to pull through the onslaught?  JSMineset.com encourages people to become their own banks.  “Be your own bank,” Sinclair urges.  “Prepare yourselves for no less than 90 days. 

Again, the problems we are beginning to run into are not strictly financial.  This is going to be about credit availability and distribution. 


Can President Trump stretch this out until the 2020 election? Hunter asks.

Holter laughs.  “One last giant kick of the can,” he says.

But what difference does it really make?  The system is coming to an end.  The U.S. dollar has almost completely been squeezed out of the bank accounts of America.

But what will happen if Trump doesn’t kick the can down the road to the 2020 election? Hunter asks.

“Civil war,” says Holter without hesitation.  “The division is so black and white – and I’m not talking skin color.  So far left, so far right.  The case for outright civil war does exist.”

Just take a walk through New York City with a red MAGA hat on and see what happens to you, Sinclair says.  Just show up at a Walmart.

Make sure you and your families are prepared.  Sinclair and Holter urge us to get our wealth out of the present financial system before it’s too late.  Gold and silver will be important.  Purchase extra food.  Be able to purify water.

Get out of the system.  The first reset has begun.


Stop eating burgers and chips while watching ballgames.  Read up on what’s really going on in the world of finance and economics.  Do the research.  Make a financial plan and stick to the plan.

Stop thinking everything’s a conspiracy and go back ten years and look what’s happened to the global economy since the 2008 financial crisis. 

There is a difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact.  Jim Sinclair says the information he and Holter provide are conspiracy fact. 

The politicians are puppets for money.  We need to take financial control of ours and our family’s future.  Debt is not money and it is not an asset.  We have been sold on a fallacious way of thinking about money.  We need to do the research.  Our family’s survival will depend upon it.