There is a very good reason gold has found its way into the hearts of central bankers the world over.  That is, if you believe central bankers have hearts.  After all, they’re the ones who wield God-like, Wizard-behind-the-curtain control over the world through contrived fiat currency and fractional reserve banking machinations, masquerading as a financial system and economy.  Distracting us with the wand of smoke, mirrors, and uncertainty, while siphoning away the rest of the economic value in most every so-called asset we own.  

Unpredictability is the guide to today’s world’s financial markets that inflict heavy damage on most of us every day as we attempt to save, invest, and salvage some semblance of quality of life for ourselves and our families. 

When we consider where to invest we can’t be certain if the simmering trade tensions between China and the U.S. will ever actually play out, with the Communist Technocrats coming to the bargaining table, or if U.S. President Trump will press further for financial leverage through inflicting sanctions, tariffs, and threats, and how much that will affect the price of almond milk in our grocery cart. 

We’ve got Brexit chaos, the U.S.-Iran standoff, political crisis playing out in the Ukraine, Hong Kong and France, and public financial institutional failures, which is why investors all over the world are opting for the safe haven that precious metals provide. 

Central banks around the world have bought 374 tons of gold in the first half of 2019, record numbers for acquisition by public institutions in the first 6 months of any calendar year, reports the World Gold Council.  Central bankers bought bullion worth a record $15.7 billion, accounting for one-sixth of total gold demand since the beginning of this year.

Nobody said anything about the Federal Reserve Bank or the U.S. Treasury.  Our central banks in America are not buying gold.  They’re busy playing debt raising or lowering games and conniving to control secretly all U.S. dollar related markets.

The leaders of this year’s global gold rush are the central banks of China, Russia, and Poland, nations that are diversifying their reserves at the expense of the U.S. dollar.   Russia leads the pack.

The Russian Central Bank has added 96.4 tons to its gold stock since January, confirming last week that the country’s total gold reserves had reached $100.3 billion by July 1, reports Sputnik.  At the same time, China bought 74 tons of the precious metal in the six-month period through May.

These and other countries’ central banks have kept up with last year’s trend.  In 2018, they acquired more precious metal than any year since 1971 when the gold standard that pegged the national currency to gold ended. 


Some consider the U.S. dollar to be the biggest financial bubble ever anywhere.  Independent precious metals adviser Claudio Grass, says that Russia’s stockpiling “proves that certain central bankers understand that gold is still the best hedge against worthless and un backed paper currencies in general and against the collapse of the U.S. dollar, which represents the biggest bubble, arguably in the history of fiat money,” reports Sputnik.

Could this buying up of precious metal by the ton be the true reason Western Media is continuously portraying Russia as the global villain through the likes of false propaganda like the great Russian Dossier Hoax?

Could this nonstop assault on our senses to program us sheeple into Russian Hysteria by mainstream media be because Russia is actually the major gold player in changing the global financial system away from worthless fiat currency into a gold backed asset?  To eliminate the Western Central Banking System as we know it?

This change in financial policy didn’t just come out of the blue.  Russia has been working on distancing themselves from the fiat currency central banking system for many years.  They’ve basically eliminated Western Central Bankers from Russia’s central banking system.

David Gibson, Managing Director of GoldVu agrees that current global economic and political conditions are not prompting Russia’s gold buying spree.  The international physical precious metals expert says that the bullion shopping by global central banks has little to do with “uncertainty of war or a break-down in international cooperation”, reports

Gibson says that there is greater purpose to Russia’s overall purchasing strategy.  Russia’s holdings started increasing in 2007 — long before the ongoing anti-Russian hysteria started and the vote by the 2014 Crimean public to join the Russian Federation, and the subsequent economic sanctions against Russia.

“To achieve [a reasonable degree of self-sufficiency in both production of goods and its financial economy], Russia needed to be as independent of the U.S. Dollar as possible, and holding surpluses in gold rather than U.S. Treasuries is the best place to start. Holding your surpluses in gold also created a certain level of immunity from any acts by the U.S. government or the world’s U.S. dollar dependent economy”, Gibson is quoted as saying.


According to the article, Gibson says any attempt to link Moscow’s gold reserves to recent events in the world is a “stretch”, as Russia has been steadily boosting its holdings each month for the last 12 years.

“The storage of surplus funds into gold by any government is not to do with any increased likelihood of war, but just a simple matter of good financial housekeeping”, the precious metals expert stresses. 

The U.S. will need to learn to operate through this kind of financial strategy.  It’s called financial diversification, which every American needs to understand, or we’re all going to become financial road kill.

On multiple occasions, Russian Central Bank head Elvira Nabiullina has stressed that her country has been diversifying its foreign exchange reserves more than other states due to the economic and political risks that it faces.

The truth is the world is at war and there is a changing of the global guard, and we’re all at financial risk.  This includes the way in which economics will be handled and the financial system will operate.  Russia, China, Poland, and other countries are working in the direction of each nation on the planet gold backing their currencies, to create value, to do business with other countries who have gold backed their currencies.

We who feed our families and do battle to survive the financial collapse taking place around us, are caught up dead in the middle of multi forces that affect our health, finance, and well-being.  This is the system we live under and we have to learn to understand how it operates for our family’s survival.

Russia has basically freed themselves from the global octopus that controls the Federal Reserve Bank that essentially controls everything that controls us.  We need to do the same for ourselves.

This is why the U.S. dollar is literally being shunned into worthlessness by the rest of the world.  The Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Treasury are fading into history – at least the way they conduct present business.

Our jobs as heads of households is to find a way to protect what we do have that is tied into the U.S. dollar, and put it into hard assets with value, before they devalue into nothingness. 

As a nation we need to account for the amount of gold that the U.S. really has and determine its purity.  We need to add to our precious metal coffers.

Word swirls that there are good men and women wearing U.S. Stars and Stripes who work under President Trump who have secretly stashed gold outside of the United States, to be utilized in the future to gold back a new U.S. currency.  We’re going to have to review history and the rule of law on International Treaties to see if not only the U.S. does in fact possess such gold, but that we obtained it legally.