Do they want to control us?  Every last bit of us? 

If you look closely enough you can focus in on the answer through the lens of the facial recognition technology that records our every cranial twitch from atop the nearby street corner utility pole?

You can also see the answer through the AI that surrounds us, plays mind and body control with our human minds and bodies, search engine manipulation with the internet, and filters truth while disseminating information not intended to enlighten but to twist us into programmed boxes of limited understanding.  Control through the lie of the internet masquerading as truth.

The answer to control of our everything can be seen through how the C*A – and we’re not talking about the Culinary Institute of America here – backs Big Tech’s attack on your thought crimes, before you actually think them up.

Our being owned can be seen in the way the Lords of the Silicon Valley – and China –  are importing into America this Orwellian social credit scheme that will be in charge of determining the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have nots’ among us when it comes to societal and financial standing.  The answer lies in the promise of pure financial control of your life (and mine), coming to a government operation / central bank near you.

That’s why we’re now being told face-to-face that Facebook and cryptocurrencies are here to stay, intended to replace cash in our society, where low credit scores – see the socially unapproved or ‘deplorables’ as propagandized by Big Brother – will keep you and me from accessing cash – when there will be no more actual physical cash in society to access.  Unless you’ve stashed it away, which is probably another good idea, while there’s still some cash to stash.


Complete control of us by those who own the central banks begins with finance, as was recently evidenced by head bankster at the Bank of England berating the U.S. dollar and telling us (read AMERICANS!) that our currency, which is pretty much the only currency any of us has ever really known, just can’t be trusted anymore.  We’re now the jilted lover, a victim of the ever changing stream of global commerce domination, and so Central Bank Incorporated must now come to our rescue.

That’s why central banking in the name of Mark Carney tells us to about-face to a new “global digital alternative”, that is cryptocurrency, because it will end the savings glut that resulted in 10 years of low inflation and ultra-low interest rates.  We knew there was something taking all our savings in our lifetimes that nearly made it impossible for the average man or woman to ever be able to invest or own real property, but who would have thunk it was the dollar’s fault? Yeah, right.

We’ve been programmed by the talking heads of financial media to believe our financial system requires steady inflation.  This enables those who can afford to invest in the financial markets to make tremendous profits, while the rest of us watch our incomes fizzle to nothingness in our checking accounts, where we can’t afford to buy the things we need to survive anyway.


Although no one is saying as much publicly from Central Banking Incorporated Headquarters, what we’re being prepared for is the first new financial reset, that is actually already taking place, one which Bank of England Governor Mark Carney compares to the push to the end of the sterling’s command of international money markets 100 years ago, a time when the U.S. dollar had reached such a level of global dominance that central bankers now claim it really meant the U.S. dollar was a barrier to a sustainable recovery. 

In other words, the bankers are telling us now that the declination of the global financial system and the U.S. dollar that led to us in our lifetimes not being able to save or invest in the kind of tangible assets it takes to support a family, had nothing to do with corruption or total control and manipulation of the financial system and all related global financial markets by central bankers, it was just the dollar itself.  As if the dollar ran its own course for the last 100+ years, being this inanimate object that just devalues whenever its little heart desires.

The mainstream media moves to control our minds.  All we have to do now is replace the dollar’s position with this new digital currency that will be backed by what the Guardian calls” a rather large group of nations” that would unlock dollar funds that governments currently hold as an insurance policy in uncertain times. 

Sounds like they’re looking to dump the dollar from foreign central bank reserves and send them flooding home.  And send us flooding down the river of inflation and disappearing U.S. dollars.

Governments around the world stockpile dollars to insure against swings in the U.S. economy, which in recent times have intensified, leading to a significant rise in the cost of borrowing.  And now all those U.S. dollars are going to come home because apparently Mr. Carney, as a spokesperson for Central Bank Incorporated, has all but forgotten about gold.

Oh, that’s right the Bank of England, Rothschilds, and Mr. Mark “Puppet” Carney want us to pretend gold doesn’t exist.  That the precious metal is not really going to back the next financial reset when cryptocurrencies have proven deeply inadequate, and people publicly bear their pitchforks looking for central bankers because they’re tired of the fiat based central banking system controlling them.