Freedom is not free.

Just like anything in life worth living (or dying) for, one must understand the fact is our inalienable individual sovereignty can be taken away from us by those who rule from the shadows with bloody fists at a second’s notice.  The socialists led by the likes of witchcraft practicing and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and House Committee Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, are fighting to take away our children’s future.  It’s either them or us, and it’s difficult teaching kids the truth of this because they can’t believe such a thing could happen.  Not to them. 

In their programmed little minds, kids cannot envision what life would be like without the freedom to express themselves in public and on the internet.  They don’t understand what life would be like living under total government enslavement.  They don’t know the history of Chairman Mao who murdered tens of millions of Chinese and the Bolsheviks who did the same to Russian Christians.

Just like in geopolitics, there are good guys and bad guys in the National Basketball Association.  The bad guys of the NBA who deserve thumbs down and boos upon being introduced before games include those who take millions upon billions of dollars from the old, senile Communist Technocrats who run China through corruption and slavery, and then pretend the Chinese government defends human rights.  We’re talking about true National Basketball Association international dignitaries like Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich, and the King commi-lover of them all, our Los Angeles Lakers very own LeWong James.  Make that LeBron, sorry Lakers fans, but he’s the biggest commi-loving bad guy of them all.

These are three examples of America’s ignorant who ignore the fact China’s communist technocrats burn Bibles, bulldoze Christian churches, and commit crimes against humanity, specifically the Muslim Uighers, then spread their gospel of godlessness to the masses on behalf of those who attempt to dominate the sovereignty of the citizens of Hong Kong.  These clowns of the NBA are selling out humanity to make the extra buck, or billions in their cases, through outrageous shoe deals with Nike, and that’s why our president has called them out for what they are.  Which speaks volumes about what they aren’t.

“They talk badly about the United States, but when it talks about China, they don’t want to say anything,” Trump said.   “I thought it was pretty sad, actually.  It’ll be very interesting.”

The fact that Kerr, Popovich, LeBron James, and others feel so comfortable issuing criticism at America but fear doing so about China helps speak volumes on the social and political ignorance – and greed – of many American sports idols.  They misinform their followers with radical leftist beliefs promoted through elitist ideology while the socialists through the cover of a compliant and controlled mass media attempt to take over America, our families, and the minds of our children  We are fighting a huge silent civil war and most Americans don’t truly understand the many tentacles and layers of the fight or how it affects their families’ futures.  


Doc Rivers has become my favorite head coach ever in the NBA because he has the guts to state the obvious.  Freedom is worth fighting for. 

The head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers became the first NBA figure to stand up for Daryl Morey.

While speaking with reporters last Tuesday the Los Angeles Clippers coach said Morey “was right in saying that” but there are consequences to every action.  And of course freedom has a price.


Daryl Morey of course is the sports executive and general manager of the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association who ignited a geopolitical firestorm by issuing a six word tweet, which Kerr, Popovich, and LeBron failed to support.

Morey tweeted:  “Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong.” 

And all hell broke loose as the tweet launched the NBA into the center of a heated debate over civil rights and extradition laws, and good guys within the NBA community are slowly starting to come out to take Daryl Morey’s back.

Rivers’ support for Morey was soon followed by Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts issuing a compliment to NBA commissioner Adam Silver for doing an “excellent job” managing a difficult situation, and then saying he sides with those standing up for freedom of speech and democracy.  That’s the key point. 

While there’s no question Morey’s tweet has sparked controversy for the NBA and could potentially cost the league billions of dollars, the GM was supporting protestors who are fighting in favor of democracy in a communist country.  That should be a cause self-proclaimed social justice warriors like LeBron James, Greg Popovich, and Steve Kerr can get behind, but for some reason – and we call it the almighty dollar (or is it Chinese yuan?) – they have been hesitant to support Morey out of fear that their bank accounts could be impacted.

But that didn’t affect Stotts’ ability to think straight.    Nor Doc Rivers for winning over my heart and soul and support for the Clippers and igniting a positive message for public discussion.

And now the big men of the NBA have caught on as former NBA center Andrew Bogut, who briefly played as LeBron’s teammate with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017, sent out a tweet last Tuesday in support of Morey.

That was followed by the big show himself Shaquille O’Neal who just said Daryl Morey was right.  These are the kinds of role models and messages America needs and our children can learn from.  This is what our families need to understand if we are going to have a future filled with individual sovereignty and not total slavery with strict dictation.

This is why good triumphed over evil two nights ago in the NBA season opener when my new favorite team the Los Angeles Clippers spanked the Lakers 112 to 102.

Way to go Clippers!!!!!  It’s all about fighting for our children’s freedom, which they did last night, led by head coach with a conscience Doc Rivers.