Continuous rolling power outages in California?  Are you kidding me.  This doesn’t happen in America.  This happens in third world countries like Venezuela or even Pakistan, where money for routine maintenance dries up and power plant employees flee the country.  They don’t do that in America.

In Venezuela some of the blackouts last as long as a week.  There, they call it the “new normal.”  In today’s Los Angeles Times and the Ventura County Star, headlines scream that this too has become the “new normal” for us in California.  Are you kidding me?

Those who live in third world countries have probably come to expect living some of their time in the dark as impoverished citizens barter cigarettes for gasoline, bread, and medicine.  But not in America, where we have big systems that are well-run.  Yet, here we go, as the bankrupt utilities like PG&E tell us they’re trying to avert a repeat of last year’s equipment-failure caused fires, like the one that wiped Paradise California off the map, or the Thomas Fire of 2017 that destroyed over 5,000 structures in the city of Ventura where I live.

Again, we might expect this kind of reality for those poor souls who live in Venezuela, Pakistan, or any other country we in the West label as Third World.  This is where overpopulation collides with corruption and mismanagement to produce never-ending crises, not America.  Not California.

What’s left of America’s middle class can’t imagine that kind of hardship actually hitting close to home.  Yet, here we have it, because, as financial author John Rubino says, the U.S., as has the rest of the developed world, made basically the same mistakes – “overborrowing while moving tens of millions of people to large cities and or disaster-prone regions like Southern California and the East Coast’s hurricane alley, this same combination of too many crises and not enough wealth is producing a Third World style permanent cut in living standards.”

So what’s left for us Third World Californians?  Over-indebted governments faced with the need to bail out everyone in sight will create a tidal wave of new currency to keep the chaos at bay (think QE to infinity), leading to a collapse in those currencies’ value, says Rubino.  With California leading the way.


Did you know that in spite of what they tell us wind does not cause high voltage power lines to burst into flame?  That is a fraudulent fallacy and there is no proof of its truth.  Of course California power companies like PG&E and SCE consider us stupid enough to swallow such a lie.  Thus, for the time being they get away with turning off power to nearly 2,000,000 California customers.

Just consider it a cover story covering up a very diabolical truth.  We get the phone calls telling us they’re going to shut off our electricity because of the high winds, but, of course, as I write this, there are no winds.  I don’t remember ever reading about anything like this taking place in any other part of the world, not even Venezuela.  There are high winds all over the world, but I don’t remember ever reading about their electricity being shut off.  Why not?  Because winds don’t cause power outages and firestorms.  There are power lines all over the world.  There is electricity everywhere.  But we’re the ones suffering from power-grid overload.

It’s all part of a greater conspiracy, says Mike Smith, Founder of, the free speech alternative to YouTube and publisher of, who offers “two clues” that a greater conspiracy is taking place.


The first clue Smith cites is that California recently ordered the “Ham radio operators” who have repeaters on mountain tops to remove their repeaters.  Repeaters allow ham radio operators to extend their broadcast range for communications.  These repeaters sit on mountain tops and are owned and operated by the ham radio operators themselves.  That’s how we can communicate off-grid.  So what’s the big deal?  It doesn’t cost the state of California anything.

It is basically the citizens emergency messaging system.  Ham radios are especially important to be able to use in grid-down types of situations, “like the one PG&E is causing” in California right now, Smith says.  Is this just another timely coinkydink?  Probably not.  An old friend used to say when the coinkydinks catch up with one another they’re no longer coinkydinks.  He called it conspiracy.

So how would this play out?  When the power grid goes down, people can’t recharge their phones.  Many of the cell phone towers have stopped working with the outage.  So what we’re looking at is a collapse of the communications infrastructure in these regions of California, at the same time they’re removing our ability to communicate via ham radio.  “It’s very clear they want to strip the citizens of their ability to communicate,” Smith says.  And if you own an electric car when the power grid goes down, not only will you not be communicating with each other, you won’t be going anywhere either.


Smith says the second clue comes from Judicial Watch who gives this story that “Trump Rids Major U.S. Container Port of Chinese Communist Control.”  Say what?  Our president just kicked China’s communist technocrats out of the Long Beach port?  Sounds like a good move. 

This was needed because our former treasonous criminal traitor president Barack Obama had signed a 40 year deal with China’s communist technocrats so they could control the Long Beach port.  President Trump just nixed that deal under national security, forcing China to terminate their deal at that port. 

Why does this matter?  Because California democrat socialists like Nancy Pelosi, Governor Gavin Newsome and Dianne Feinstein and other members of their socialist criminal gang do deals with the communist technocrats of China.  Smith says that is due to a backdoor deal between Governor Newsom and the communist technocrats where Chinese military troops were to use Long Beach as a beachhead for potential invasion of California.  This would be facilitated by all the Chinese transportation companies and container ships that would load up troops in the containers a few miles offshore and then bring the ships and troops into their own terminals when it was time to invade.

In eliminating such a threat, Trump is defending the United States, his attempted assassination, and engineered terrorism across America.  All in fighting an effort to defeat America and usher in a Communist regime run by an authoritarian tyrant by the name of Hillary Clinton. 

The plan is to arrest President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and to execute Trump.  That’s what the coup masqueraded as impeachment is about.  And then set off a civil war uprising across the United States resulting from that coup.  In the chaos that follows, they would land the Chinese troops at the Long Beach port.  Then Newsom would order the California National Guard to cooperate with the Chinese communist troops, who would join U.N. troops who are already staged in America and in Mexico, and MS-13 gang members and terrorist cells who have already been brought into America and transported and deposited by Barack Obama into every major city in the U.S.

Bombings, arson, mass murder, regional grid failures and mayhem would follow.  If the coup is successful, the arrest of our President Trump will give us strong indication that this plan is underway.  We’d better buy ammunition and rectify our relationship with God.


So what about those dang terrorist fires?  They are the excuse to shutdown the power grid and ham radios and deprive California’s citizens of any ability toward self reliance.  Without the power grid, citizens cannot communicate.  We cannot defend ourselves.  We wouldn’t even be able to travel because if you shut off the power grids you shut off the gas pumps. 

So either one of two things are happening right now, Smith says.  Either the invasion is rolling out right now, or, this is merely a dry run.  These orchestrated power outages act as a test to see if they can get away with it.  Essentially to see if California residents really believe wind and power lines spontaneously cause firestorms all over the state.  Or if there’s something truly horrendous happening to us.  An old European friend of mine used to try to convince me how stupid and gullible Americans are.  My guess is only time will tell.