About Us

Our highly experienced and extensively qualified legal team provides expert services to medium-to-high net worth clients in all areas of family law, including litigation, mediation, and Collaborative Law.  We are the boutique Family Law and Wealth Preservation Mediation Center, specifically trained and educated to solve your complex family law and asset preservation issues today.

Donna Santo has been a well respected certified specialist practicing family law in California for the past thirty two years while Michael Mehas, who writes this blog, and has considerable experience and knowledge working in international institutional banking, now concentrates his 30 years of legal experience into international law, finance, banking, and gold. We are family serving family, counseling you on how to preserve your family’s wealth. We value American veterans and the elderly.

The world is changing dramatically in all aspects and the obstacles to taking care of your family while keeping up with those changes are too challenging for most.  We have developed a model in practicing family law which tailors your specific family law and financial needs to the present day realities in a quickly changing world.  We focus on balancing family values while helping you move your family forward into a prosperous and healthy tomorrow.

The sole purpose of this blog is to bring truth to our clients and readers, to share with you our understanding of what’s taking place in the world so you can help get your family prepared. The voice belongs to Michael Mehas.  Should you have any thoughts relevant to what we’re doing, please don’t hesitate to comment, and feel free to contact us to discuss your family law and wealth preservation needs.  One of our family law professionals will get back to you to see if we can help with your family law and wealth preservation concerns.

Please understand that this blog, or any communications arising therefrom, are provided for general educational, legal and social purposes only.  They are not intended as a substitute for proper legal advice or to establish an Attorney-Client relationship.  Only through a written legal fee agreement can an Attorney-Client relationship be established with either attorney at the Family Law and Wealth Preservation Mediation Center. Legal advice is only given per a signed legal fee agreement.

For more information about our Family Law practice please go to our Website at Family Law and Wealth Preservation Mediation Center.

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