PART TWO: And then there was some good old American backlash

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America took the offensive.

That’s because Nike’s “virtue-signaling” really irritated people in the wrong places.  Only a week after Nike bowed to Chinese Authorities’ demands by halting the sale of a range of shoes in China due to the Japanese designer’s support for Hong Kong protests, the sportswear company has been implicitly banned from Arizona after nixing the launch of its “Betsy Ross Flag” sneakers.

The governor of Arizona flew into a Twitter rant.

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PART ONE: God Bless America on this 4th of July!!!

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God Bless America on this 4th of July.  We could sure use it.

The fireworks and celebration of a great nation on her 243rd birthday are something each one of us can relish in and reflect upon.  We can relish with deep understanding that this nation can truly be great once again.  And we can reflect upon the fact that we have a long ways to go to achieve that elusive greatness, something that probably won’t happen in yours or my lifetimes.

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Ah, us liberal Californians, you got to love us or leave us, but we’re going to look good either way. That’s because we work hard at it. It takes time and ambition to soak up sun like George Hamilton and remove lines in our faces like Jane Fonda. We like buttocks surgeries because they make us look like Ms. Bumbum and vegan diets because they make us look thin in our mirror’s reflection. Some of us spend lifetimes and fortunes never succeeding but always finding better ways to look even better in our quest to entice the other side.

California lifestyles say “rich” while we work endless hours to make the kind of money it takes to attract a like inclined individual from the opposite sex. This is how it was taught back in the 70s and it’s how it’s still being played out by many today. Once we set our magnet tentacles into this new person of interest, we can then work on what we’ve spent a lifetime being programmed into dreaming about — tying the proverbial knot with a White Knight and living happily ever after. Keep on reading!


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As if the 2018 Midterm Elections aren’t complicated enough consider this factor: The Central Intelligence Agency is in league with the Democrat Party to take control of the United States House of Representatives. At least that’s how economist, columnist and former Reagan Administration Treasury Assistant for Economic Policy Paul Craig Roberts, who was recently banned by Twitter for expressing the wrong opinion publicly, frames it in a guest contribution piece he posted at entitled, “The CIA in league with the Democratic Party is Moving to Take Control of the House of Representatives.”

This is a very serious issue facing Americans who believe in something called “Freedom”. We do need to come to terms with those with whom we are truly dealing, once we identify who they are. Keep on reading!


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Like many of those who suffer from PTSD, former firefighter Mark Taylor knows what it’s like to fight through sleepless nights of sweat while facing an unbearable attack of mind, body and soul from forces greater than oneself. It’s a scuffle to survive, where the will to live can become weak with fever as the desperate struggle for truth becomes paramount for existence. For Mark Taylor it’s always been about him recognizing God’s guidance to truth in time of need to help raise awareness to a greater understanding of The Creator’s relationship with the awakening of the collective human consciousness.

In 2011 Mark Taylor had already predicted Donald J. Trump would become president of the United States. He wrote a popular book about it called Trump Prophecies and they made a terrific movie out of his book. Keep on reading!

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