Now I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for things like freedom and democracy. 

Chinese communist technocrats ban God.  In China, they confiscate bibles, bulldoze Christian churches and put Muslims in concentration camps by the millions.  And that’s who commie-lover Lebron James does his business with.  By the billions.  Same with Kobe Bryant and all the elitist financial demon Nike shoe mercenaries of the NBA.

Jerry West, has always been my favorite basketball player of all time.  In his day, the Logo could take the ball to the hole, shoot the lights out from anywhere, and shut down the opponents high scoring guards.  True legends like Clyde Frazier, Earl the Pearl Monroe, and the Big O.  He is the vision of the NBA, his silhouette on their basketball, and I followed him and loved his Lakers, and then Jerry Buss let him go.

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