Are California’s blackouts and firestorms the prelude to communists taking over the United States?

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Continuous rolling power outages in California?  Are you kidding me.  This doesn’t happen in America.  This happens in third world countries like Venezuela or even Pakistan, where money for routine maintenance dries up and power plant employees flee the country.  They don’t do that in America.

In Venezuela some of the blackouts last as long as a week.  There, they call it the “new normal.”  In today’s Los Angeles Times and the Ventura County Star, headlines scream that this too has become the “new normal” for us in California.  Are you kidding me?

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Corporations are making huge profits on California nursing care. What is California trying to do, kill off all us baby boomers?

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This is a story about huge corporate profits at a time when profits are down.  And how the State of California has dramatically failed its growing and aging population. 

What is our government here in California trying to do?  Kill off all us baby boomers?

In a scathing report the Auditor of California has determined that “The State has not adequately addressed ongoing deficiencies related to the quality of care that nursing facilities provide.”  In other words, my government is not looking out after our best interests, while nursing facilities take our money and fail to provide adequate care.

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Don’t kill your aging loved ones in the name of California nursing care facilities

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Chemtrails, 5G cell towers, electromagnetic frequencies, smart meters, microwave radiation, genetically modified foods, glyphosphate, toxic metals; all poisons designed to destroy body and mind of all life, over time.  They inundate every one of us every single day or our lives, breaking down human cells and rendering our immune systems helpless. 

The fake news through our media has clouded minds with fake health information rendering us programmed to a false understanding of how to stay healthy, and what the heck is actually killing us.  The devastating economy and price inflation of everything we need to stay healthy and alive prevents us from being able to afford enough nutrition to heal.

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There’s no question it takes a special kind of person to provide compassionate care for the elderly. Bathing, feeding, medicating, attending to other daily needs of patients is a lot to ask for from the me now generation. Care giving for the elderly takes a lot of energy and thoughtful attention. There is tremendous value for this kind of work for the elderly in today’s society. But it doesn’t pay very well, which begs the question: Where does the position of caregiver for the elderly fit in the overall structure of today’s generation of aging baby boomers and broken millennials?

We’re not spending a lot to pay for difficult work like nursing care, that much has been established beyond doubt. Stressful work and low wages is a difficult combination to overcome during a questionably down-turning economy, but that, according to one group, is what we’re facing in our fight to protect the rights of our growing geriatric population.

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The law is always changing.  It is an ever-growing morass of legalese and judicial compromise, morphing and oozing and touching every single person in its path.  Politicians love making new laws that deeply impact the lives of families on an everyday basis.  And California always seems to be in the lead in this way, always looking for new ways or angles that might legally favor one special interest over another.

Unfortunately, family law poses no exception to the rule of new legislation.  Several important new laws have been enacted in California over the past year that affect the players in the family law arena in major ways.

Five (5) of the more significant pieces of legislative development are:

1)      (AB 1349)  Legislation that amends Family Code §§7573, 7576, 7612, and 7613 to revise certain provisions regarding the effect of a voluntary declaration of paternity, particularly if a conflicting parentage presumption exists; the bill also permits a sperm donor to be treated as the natural father of a child under specified circumstances;

2)      (AB 458)  Legislation amending Probate Code §1514 and adding Probate Code §§2204-2205 to clarify a parent’s ability to petition for guardianship of his or her child, and establishes requirements for transferring a proceeding to another court in circumstances in which a proceeding that concerns custody or visitation of a minor is pending in one or more counties when a guardianship petition is filed;

3)      (SB 651)  Legislation amending Family Code §§ 297 and 2320, and adding Family Code §§ 297.1 and 298.7 to remove the requirement that domestic partners have a common residence to register; permits establishment of a confidential domestic partnership; and permits same-sex spouses who married in California to petition for dissolution in California without the parties meeting regular residency requirements if neither spouse resides in a jurisdiction that will dissolve the marriage;

4)      (AB 1067)  Legislation amending Code of Civil Procedure §1008 to provide that an order denying a motion for reconsideration is not separately appealable, but if the order that was the subject of the reconsideration motion is appealable, the denial of that motion is reviewable as part of an appeal from that order;

5)      (AB 454)  Legislation amending Code of Civil Procedure §§527.6, 527.8, and 527.85, Family Code §6345, and Welfare & Institutions Code §§213.5 and 15657.03 to require specified notice to a protected party of a proceeding to modify or terminate a protective order before its expiration when that proceeding is brought by someone other than the protected party.

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