Families should see gold and silver as a savings account: Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact?

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“Gold is money.” 

The two precious metals and financial experts Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter urge Greg Hunter to urge his listeners to, “Be your own central bank and stack silver and gold.”

Holter tells USAWatchdog.com that the time for redemption is quickly approaching for those who sell precious metals stocks versus precious metals.  And ounces of real silver are about to make a move in the marketplace.  “Once there is a failure to deliver then you will see a normalization of the gold to silver ratio,” Holter says.  Which now is over 90 to one. 

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Is credit failure going to be the end of our families’ finances as we know it?

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Functional Financial Socialism. 

That’s what Jim Sinclair of JSMineset says the financial talking heads spread on TV.  Others call it uninformed BS.  I call it nonsense meant to mislead us, to keep true value hidden from the reaches of our minds, so we buy the slop they feed us, with nobody knowing the difference otherwise.  Besides, it’s all they give us.  Financial slop.

None of the Functional Financial Socialists are talking about a Jubilee.  Some of them sort of mention debt forgiveness out of the sides of their mouths, a sort of accidental afterthought, something that can be manipulated from the fringe.  Forgiveness of one’s financial responsibilities sounds like a good idea, but it will personally touch very few of us in reality.  It will go to those who wage the greatest debt; central banks, financial institutions, state and federal pensions.  It always does, in one form or another.  Bailouts, bail-ins, Jubilees.

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As if the 2018 Midterm Elections aren’t complicated enough consider this factor: The Central Intelligence Agency is in league with the Democrat Party to take control of the United States House of Representatives. At least that’s how economist, columnist and former Reagan Administration Treasury Assistant for Economic Policy Paul Craig Roberts, who was recently banned by Twitter for expressing the wrong opinion publicly, frames it in a guest contribution piece he posted at paulcraigroberts.org entitled, “The CIA in league with the Democratic Party is Moving to Take Control of the House of Representatives.”

This is a very serious issue facing Americans who believe in something called “Freedom”. We do need to come to terms with those with whom we are truly dealing, once we identify who they are. Keep on reading!


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Like many of those who suffer from PTSD, former firefighter Mark Taylor knows what it’s like to fight through sleepless nights of sweat while facing an unbearable attack of mind, body and soul from forces greater than oneself. It’s a scuffle to survive, where the will to live can become weak with fever as the desperate struggle for truth becomes paramount for existence. For Mark Taylor it’s always been about him recognizing God’s guidance to truth in time of need to help raise awareness to a greater understanding of The Creator’s relationship with the awakening of the collective human consciousness.

In 2011 Mark Taylor had already predicted Donald J. Trump would become president of the United States. He wrote a popular book about it called Trump Prophecies and they made a terrific movie out of his book. Keep on reading!


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The U.S. dollar as we know it is about to be replaced by a new currency. We don’t know when. It could be this year, or maybe next year, we don’t know. The question is not if? the Federal Reserve Note (U.S. Dollar) will be replaced but when? When it does, it’s going to have to be gold backed with value. Real assets like gold will have to back the new U.S. dollar at least in part for America, and Americans, to get back onto the global financial carousel with economic independence and the ability to coexist with foreign currencies that are backed by gold.

The important question to us as Americans with family members to provide for and a desire to see our spending power grow is how much if any gold does the U.S. actually possess? A legacy of secrecy still surrounds how much gold America has, author James Ledbetter, editor of “Inc. magazine” and the author of “One Nation Under Gold: How One Precious Metal Has Dominated the American Imagination for Four Centuries”, writes for the Los Angeles Times. “Some of the conservative and libertarian figures who demand that the Federal Reserve be audited, for example, grumble that there may be a lot less gold — maybe none! — in Fort Knox than official numbers allow,” Ledbetter writes. Keep on reading!

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