Freedom is not free. Just ask the NBA.

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Freedom is not free.

Just like anything in life worth living (or dying) for, one must understand the fact is our inalienable individual sovereignty can be taken away from us by those who rule from the shadows with bloody fists at a second’s notice.  The socialists led by the likes of witchcraft practicing and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and House Committee Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, are fighting to take away our children’s future.  It’s either them or us, and it’s difficult teaching kids the truth of this because they can’t believe such a thing could happen.  Not to them. 

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Los Angeles Chinese Communist Technocrat Lakers or the L.A. Clippers? I’ll take America any day, baby, let’s go Clips!!!

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Now I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for things like freedom and democracy. 

Chinese communist technocrats ban God.  In China, they confiscate bibles, bulldoze Christian churches and put Muslims in concentration camps by the millions.  And that’s who commie-lover Lebron James does his business with.  By the billions.  Same with Kobe Bryant and all the elitist financial demon Nike shoe mercenaries of the NBA.

Jerry West, has always been my favorite basketball player of all time.  In his day, the Logo could take the ball to the hole, shoot the lights out from anywhere, and shut down the opponents high scoring guards.  True legends like Clyde Frazier, Earl the Pearl Monroe, and the Big O.  He is the vision of the NBA, his silhouette on their basketball, and I followed him and loved his Lakers, and then Jerry Buss let him go.

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When future NBA hall of famer Steve Nash first signed on with the Los Angeles Lakers he talked about hittin’ a few jumpers, maybe winning a championship, and how his family would benefit by him being so close to his children.  Now, however, the superstar guard finds himself in a full court press to keep those same children in Arizona and out of California.

That’s because Nash’s ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla, has spiced things up by attempting to move the couple’s children to California in order to get a child support order from her ex.  This in turn appears to have prompted her aging point guard ex to dig in for what promises to be an expensive legal battle for the two.

Mom says she just wants to move the kids to California so they can spend more time with their father.  And she’s hired one of L.A.s biggest divorce lawyers to prove it – and maybe to do a little battle in both the California and Arizona family law courts.  Dad, on the other hand, believes it’s all just a scheme to get child support and not necessarily what’s in the best interests for the kids.

The couple announced their split in 2010, five years after they were married.  Previously, an Arizona family law judge ruled that Amarilla is not entitled to child support in Arizona, however, she might be able to seek it in California, should she move there.

So maybe there are better schools in California, as mom has stated.  And maybe the former Mrs. Steve Nash and the former couple’s children will enjoy living in California for six months and…if things haven’t settled by then…mom can file in California’s family law court.  And the child support case will be back on, only this time it’ll be California style.  And little Stevie will probably be on the financial hook for a heckuva lot more than if he’d just settled things with the former missus back in Arizona.