GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 2: Why is gold such an undervalued asset?

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Financial truth is very difficult to come by these days especially when it comes to gold.  The mere role gold plays in global finances is completely misunderstood by most financial advisers and talking heads because the truth has never actually been revealed to them.  They don’t have a truthful financial basis to operate from.

Truth in gold history has never been taught in any school of global economics.  It’s not made available for public consumption.  It’s one of the many hidden secrets possessed by the powers that be for their use, not ours.  That’s why the media and so-called experts of modern day economics never even take into consideration who truly runs the higher and deeper aspects of our totally controlled and manipulated financial system.  They have no idea really who controls the world’s gold, ancillary accounts, and other valuable precious metals, and how that really plays out when our financial system finally does bottom out.  The truth pseudo economic experts don’t understand and therefore are incapable of telling us about is this:  The key to global finances is in possessing the world’s gold supply, and then controlling all forms of income derived therefrom. Keep on reading!

GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 1: Have our minds been programmed into boxes of limited understanding?

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Have our minds become programmed boxes of limited understanding?  Is that why we don’t know anything about truth in economics?  If so, how do we solve the problem?

Truth can be very difficult to ascertain these days.  It is being censored from the Internet at an unprecedented rate.  Our history books have been recorded with false insight dictated by the victors and survivors of centuries of calculated wars, population control, and the nonstop deadly assault on all living creatures, that has left the average human suffering interminably and filled with false ideas of just about every important concept known to man. Keep on reading!

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