GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 13: Were trillions of U.S. dollars stolen from the U.S. government and used to bet against America and run two civilizations at once?

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… And this brings us back to the missing $21 trillion from the U.S. government. Could it have been stolen to use against us by arming China financially and militarily, creating a new super global power?

And is that why both the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Economist have made a concerted effort to sway public opinion by publishing complementary articles saying the West has got China all wrong?

Could we really be misunderstanding China’s Communist leadership’s intent, politically, militarily, and financially, around the world? Or could it be that the Economist and CFR know that we know who financed China in the first place, knowing they were mortgaging the future of U.S. domestic and global economies and our families’ ability to survive. Keep on reading!

GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 9: Financial system should have collapsed a long time ago – but we had an extra $21 trillion to burn

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A lot of smart people like Paul Craig Roberts, John Rubino, and Chris Martenson have said this whole thing should have blown up a long time ago.  Macroeconomics analyst Rob Kirby believes the only way it kept going is through fraudulently created money. “If $21 trillion dollars hadn’t been created out of thin air fraudulently it would have,” Rob Kirby says regarding the financial system to Greg Hunter in their November interview.

Greg Hunter of agrees.  “How close do you think we are?  Now here we are ten years past this great recession of 2008.  We’re all hands on deck, print, print, print, QE1, 2, 3, ‘twist,’ whatever the heck it is.  You know, all the lending money, borrowing, swaps of dollars and euros, buying corporate bonds, it’s just stupid, crazy stuff they been doing.  Buying mortgage backed securities – toxic assets.  I mean they’ve been rigging the markets, criminally.  They’ve pled guilty over and over and over again.  They rigged Libor, gold, silver, futures, commodities, everything under the sun.  And then the financial channels are like, what?…  It’s like they’re stupid.  I kid you not, it’s like they’re stupid,” he says.  Don’t hold back, Greg. Keep on reading!

GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 7: Balloon pops, gold goes bananas up, and California will burn!

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This balloon will pop and at some point in time the price of gold is going to go bananas up.  “This will happen.  As sure as there will be wildfires at some point in the future again in California.  After they get through this year’s.  So this is a recurring thing,” says Rob Kirby of kirbyanalytics in his recent interview on

And foreign investment money knows this because foreign governments and banks understand Chris Martenson’s hockey stick graph on exponential growth.  They understand it just as well as the Fed and the U.S. Treasury and Chris Martenson understand it.  The growth rate of the current world reserve currency, the fiat U.S. dollar, is in a phase where its growth is vertical.  It must remain vertical.  And the minute it stops being vertical it collapses onto itself. Keep on reading!

GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 6: Where did all the gold come from to back the global currencies prior to 1971?


International financial and banking expert Rita R. liked my gold blog about HR 5404 entitled “WHAT HAPPENED TO HR 5404 – AND THE GOLD BACKING OF AMERICA’S NEW CURRENCY?” so much she forwarded it to her dear friend and precious metals analyst, Gerrit Visser, who liked it so much he wrote back to me with detailed explanation as to exactly what’s wrong with America’s gold picture, HR 5404, and what it will take for the U.S. to fix its desperate financial crisis.

“The reason I write to you is that this is a subject which I am involved with on a daily basis, and a subject likely to become a highly contentious issue as time moves on as the ‘Gold Backed Currency Lobby’ gains far more traction,” Visser says. Keep on reading!

GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 5: The life cycle of a fiat currency, aka, Why $21 trillion just disappears in the blink of an eye

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Chris Martenson, PhD, MBA, is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, who joined Adam Taggart to co-found, where they provide top-rate economic analysis and commentary on the day’s hottest financial topics.  Martenson also launched the seminal video seminar called, The Crash Course, which was published into book form, wherein he gives a dynamic explanation of the life cycle of fiat currency, something that’s pretty much on everybody’s minds these days, whether they realize it or not.

Martenson’s model explains how the financial system works and why it’s failing, which is very relevant to today’s global financial crisis, which is why ten years later experts are still using his work as a basis for their conclusions as they examine global financial system meltdown and malfeasance. Keep on reading!

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