This is the true story of a silent and powerful prayer movement that is sweeping America…

On February 18, 2017, First Lady of the United States Melania Trump (FLOTUS) led the audience in the Lord’s Prayer at a rally in Florida.  She was bringing God back into the mainstream of U.S. life.  And then she was attacked for doing so.

First Lady Melania Trump’s efforts to bring God back into America’s way of doing business is consistent with what her husband U.S. President Donald Trump has been doing since before the 2016 election through his support base with a deeply guided political direction.  He represents our country which houses the largest Christian population in the world and this scenario was all specifically predicted by several people going back long ago.

One prophet was named the Hermit of Loreto.  The “Roman Catholic Man” reports a fascinating story of a man’s encounter with the Hermit of Loreto, the author of the blue “Pieta” prayer book (which has sold over ten million copies), at the site of the Holy House of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Loreto, Italy.

Loreto is an important Christian site for Catholics and in this video Father Giacomo Capoverdi shares an amazing premonition by the Hermit of Loreto.  The story dates back to the 1980s where the hermit speaks about “A man who is living right now who I believe in the future is going to lead America back to God,” Father Capoverdi says.  The man named in this 1980’s premonition was Donald J. Trump.


If you get your news outside the mainstream you might be aware that there have been thousands of CEOs, judges, politicians, bankers, entertainers and the like who have resigned or been forced out of their elite positions and cushy paying jobs. This is no coincidence. Either is the fact that almost 52,000 secret indictments wait in court files as U.S. prosecutors prepare to further drain the swamp by prosecuting in military tribunals many of the really bad players who have tried to destroy America.

Experts predict this is going to likely result in a rough few months while the U.S. government is rounding up these people.  There’s going to be civil unrest and Martial Law and we’re going to want to make sure our families are prepared and safe.

We need to stock up on cash, food, and water and prepare for more hurricanes, fires, and other kinds of natural disasters, says Christian author and former firefighter Mark Taylor.  But when we come out of it America’s going to be a much better place.

In 2011 Mark Taylor also predicted Donald Trump would become President of the United States. That’s why he wrote his book and he says it’s all about the Trump Administration cleaning out the swamp.

“This cleansing has to happen,” Taylor says.  “Don’t walk in fear walk in faith.”


We are assured that God is in control.  Everything we are experiencing, all the difficult times, the desperate needs of impoverished citizens, it’s all part of God’s Plan.  As is Taylor’s movie, “The Trump Prophecy”, which is only going to be shown for two days, October 2nd and 4th, in 1,200 theaters nationwide.  That’s it, so get your tickets now while you can.

God told Mark Taylor to premiere his movie thirty (30) days before the midterms “to help out with the midterms, period.”  The 2018 midterms are the most important election in the U.S. since the Civil War and that’s why we’ve got to go out and vote.  The future of mankind is dependent upon our placing the righteous politicians into a position of power and them changing the laws to make for a healthier and more prosperous society for all Americans.  We need to do that now, this year, pronto.  The swamp needs to be cleansed as soon as possible.  The fate of our collective future depends upon it.


The Trump movie is based upon “The Trump Prophecies” book.  It covers Mark Taylor’s back story as a firefighter and how the “Trump Prophecy” came about, ultimately leading into a national prayer movement which ended up with God performing a miracle on November 8th, 2017.

“Keeping the most evil person out of the White House, “Taylor says, “and bringing in a man of righteousness, Donald Trump, period.” God’s Plan.

“The Trump Prophecy” is the true story of a silent and powerful prayer movement that took place during the 2016 election.  It was a movement that began as people across the nation started praying for our country where God would hear our cry and begin to turn the people back to Him.


The Prayer Movement is not over.  Many people all over America are still praying.  It was not a prayer movement to elect President Trump – that would be a short-sighted prayer and it would be putting hope in man rather than in Whom our hope belongs.  The prayer movement is much bigger as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance of what we can achieve. There are many changes we need to pray for.

Mark Taylor says he is affiliated with two “alive and well” prayer groups.  They are:

1) and


Many people are still praying five days a week for this country, our president, what is about to go down, and how we are going to react to it.

The bible says, Pray and He will heal your land.  It truly is time for us to pray, to turn away from our wicked ways, to have our sins forgiven and America healed.  There’s plenty of work to be done for everybody and our children and children’s children appreciate our efforts in the long run.






According to a prophet, author, and former fireman, we’ve got a great future ahead of us here in America, and we’ve got to recognize it and work hard to make it happen for everyone. For twenty years Mark Taylor was a first responder in Orlando, Florida, where he witnessed up close and personal all the horrors a fireman could ever imagine. Then his world took a giant leap into the unfathomable when he authored the popular book, “The Trump Prophecies”, where he told us Donald Trump would win the White House along with the first GOP primary. Trump became President and Mark Taylor instantly became part myth and a part of our modern historical narrative.

In an interview with Greg Hunter at, the former firefighter said that he gets all his information and prophecies from God the Father. This allows Taylor to champion causes like for firefighters everywhere, of whom he says PTSD, anxiety, and depression run deep. He says their suicide rate rivals that of military and law enforcement personnel.

And if you’ve been reading the news lately, you know that many top Obama government officials were involved in framing Donald Trump in an effort to remove him from office, while exonerating Hillary Clinton of serious crimes. Taylor predicts Obama is going to end up in prison for treason as a result thereof. There are many in this country who might agree. Taylor also says Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch, among many others, are going to jail.

Taylor warns us that these people are not going to go quietly, however, and civil unrest is going to ensue. We’ve already seen examples of this taking place in one form or another practically everyday in our depressing mainstream media. We need to be praying against and prepare for the civil unrest, Mark Taylor says. We need to protect our loved ones and our communities.


The Trump Prophecies has been turned into a movie. It will be released for two dates only, October 2nd and 4th. The former firefighter turned author calls this a positive movie with a positive outcome. The positive outcome is Trump becoming president. When asked, Taylor says Brad Pitt will not be playing him in the movie.

The former first responder is humbled that God chose him to be the one to deliver awesome messages like these. He is just a “vessel” or a “tool” through which God speaks, he says, and he takes no credit for any of it.

Mark Taylor hopes the movie, the book, and their prophetic words will open up the eyes and ears of people. He wants to bring people hope. “We live in a society that robs people of hope” the prophetic Taylor says, “and when you rob people of hope you rob them of the will to fight. But if you have hope, there is something to fight for.” We definitely have plenty to fight for.


In the past Mark Taylor has also predicted that the U.S. dollar would get stronger and the economy would improve, and by all indications he appears to be correct on both accounts. There’s still much work ahead for us but America seemingly is once again on the right economic track. We’ve had major tax cuts, there are regulation cuts, and people are pouring money back into America. The U.S. dollar is being repatriated. Trump is battling the international trade deficits and unconscionable foreign tariffs that have plagued our economy for years.

“We are living in some of the most dynamic times in the history of mankind right now,” Taylor says. “The Luciferian Reign is coming to an end. All the corruption is being exposed.”

The modern day prophet believes America is about to have her harvest. America has never had her harvest.

“America is going to receive its harvest, now,” says Mark Taylor. “Because there’s sowing time, there’s reaping time … America has got to have her harvest because America is going to be the hub from which the End Time spiritual assault will be launched. Like England was the hub from which the D Day assault was launched, America will be the hub by which the spiritual assault will be launched.”

And things are only going to get better for all of us, in time. “We’re going to have money, we’re going to have manpower,” Taylor says. “We’re going to have clothing, food … it’s going to be a time of prosperity for America. We’re going to reap 7-fold what has been stolen from America for decades from all these other countries.”

We are going to get what’s coming to us? We are going to see very prosperous times? Here in America? Pinch me when this dream is over. Prosperity in America for all of us would be something I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

There’s no reason to feel guilty about any of it either. Taylor says we as Americans are not being judged, it’s the system we live in. “The wicked are under judgment,” the author says. “Victory for the righteous is judgment on the wicked.”

Happy 4th of July America!!!