Families should see gold and silver as a savings account: Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact?

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“Gold is money.” 

The two precious metals and financial experts Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter urge Greg Hunter to urge his listeners to, “Be your own central bank and stack silver and gold.”

Holter tells USAWatchdog.com that the time for redemption is quickly approaching for those who sell precious metals stocks versus precious metals.  And ounces of real silver are about to make a move in the marketplace.  “Once there is a failure to deliver then you will see a normalization of the gold to silver ratio,” Holter says.  Which now is over 90 to one. 

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Is credit failure going to be the end of our families’ finances as we know it?

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Functional Financial Socialism. 

That’s what Jim Sinclair of JSMineset says the financial talking heads spread on TV.  Others call it uninformed BS.  I call it nonsense meant to mislead us, to keep true value hidden from the reaches of our minds, so we buy the slop they feed us, with nobody knowing the difference otherwise.  Besides, it’s all they give us.  Financial slop.

None of the Functional Financial Socialists are talking about a Jubilee.  Some of them sort of mention debt forgiveness out of the sides of their mouths, a sort of accidental afterthought, something that can be manipulated from the fringe.  Forgiveness of one’s financial responsibilities sounds like a good idea, but it will personally touch very few of us in reality.  It will go to those who wage the greatest debt; central banks, financial institutions, state and federal pensions.  It always does, in one form or another.  Bailouts, bail-ins, Jubilees.

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How low can the U.S. dollar go, and how will our family survive it?

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Finances are crazy these days.  You can’t get a decent avocado for under two bucks.  Manufacturers are shrinking bags we buy, reshaping boxes to the smaller side, raising prices, and cutting the ingredients and expense from goods we purchase to feed and clothe our families.  Our family paychecks shrink faster than a tank of fuel on a glycerin burning dragster on a hot summer Texas day.

To make things even more challenging, we’re having a helluva tough time dialing in to financial truth.  It’s tough trying to decipher the information we need from mainstream fictional rubbish, peddled by influencers representing a world that runs recklessly and morally amok, using “fake news” as a cover for the face of corruption and guilt in the global financial industry.  Yet there’s never been a more important time to understand what’s happening to our paychecks, why they are disappearing so fast, and how to find employment and keep it long enough to collect that paycheck.

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GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 11: There is only one solution to the U.S. making HR 5404 reality and gold backing a new U.S. currency

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Gerrit Visser wastes no time in getting to the heart of the issue in his response to my HR 5404 article where I asked what happened to our gold and where was the U.S. going to get enough of it to back a new U.S. dollar?  “Let me now attend to the question of HR 5404,” the precious metals analyst and adviser says.  “I very much doubt that HR 5404 will ever be approved or adopted by the U.S. Congress or the Senate on many grounds.”

HR 5404 is a bill before Congress that if adopted into law would bring America back to the Gold Standard.  Visser cites several reasons why he believes HR 5404 will not be approved in the U.S.:

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GOLD WARS: TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM, Vol. 8: Q: Does America have enough gold to back the U.S. Dollar and bring HR 5404 to life? (Hint: The answer depends on whose math you use)


You remember what they say about assume, right.  Don’t do it because it’ll make an ass out of u and me.  Don’t assume is the rule, but sometimes you’ve just got to do it because it’s all they give you when you’re trying to solve problems. 

An assumption is like talking about The World Gold Council (WGC) figures on the world’s gold reserves.  Do you believe their numbers?  Many don’t.  Did NASA really land on the moon?  Is the Pope really Catholic? 

What else do you go by if you don’t believe what they tell you?  Where else do they give you figures on the world’s gold supply that might even seem remotely close to being believable? Keep on reading!